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Unlock opportunities with a new type of workforce.

The Qurrent Operating System allows for the coordination of multiple AI-agents to complete complex objectives and tasks. The agents are powered by large language models (LLMs) and have access to various pre-built and custom tools.
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Harness the capabilities of AI-agent teams.

Leveraging LLMs as their reasoning engines, AI-agents are autonomous units capable of observing their environment and taking actions to achieve their goals.


AI-agents are a new type of workforce, able to collaborate with each other and their human co-workers. Companies that adopt these systems of AIs will enable their employees to be more impactful, creative, and productive.

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Expand the potential of your organization's operations.

Qurrent’s operating system facilitates agents that can manage a variety of tasks, learn from their interactions and experiences, and evolve as they go. This adaptability allows for dynamic, resilient AI systems that can navigate and respond to complex real-world scenarios.


Do more with agents built on Qurrent.

Agents built on the Qurrent Operating System can take actions, observe the outcomes, and iteratively work towards an objective, self-reflecting and course-correcting as needed. These agents are uniquely adapted to serve specific operational roles, from executing routine tasks to making complex decisions. The Operating System introduces guardrails that ensure agents don't behave unexpectedly and meet the security standards of your organization.

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