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Pacaso's latest initiative, an AI-driven chat support system, was developed to address the essential need for accessible and responsive homeowner support, particularly outside of standard business hours. As a leader in the luxury real estate co-ownership space, Pacaso recognized the importance of providing immediate assistance for both routine access requests and urgent emergencies. The goal was to enhance homeowner satisfaction by ensuring they have instant access to the support they need, whenever they need it. This system is designed to cater to a wide range of inquiries, from access issues to emergencies such as fires or floods.

Use of Qurrent OS

This bespoke system does more than just manage access and handle emergency inquiries; it is fully integrated with Pacaso's backend systems including Salesforce and Dialpad, allowing for the direct creation of support and maintenance cases. This ensures that owner requests are not only recognized but are acted upon efficiently. The system works with the owner to iteratively troubleshoot their problem. Furthermore, the system includes a smart escalation protocol. When it determines an owner's situation necessitates human intervention or in-person assistance, it automatically escalates the issue to a human agent, ensuring no request goes unaddressed.

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