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fortivo music

Fortivo Music


Fortivo Music helps fans discover new music through "playlists" with origin stories.  Fortivo showcases emerging artists pronouncing their original music and cover videos on YouTube. The episodes take listeners through a journey of different sounds and musical styles, providing background on the journey and artists throughout. 

Use of Qurrent OS

The Qurrent team has helped Fortivo Music integrate Qurrent OS into their system to help improve and speed up the process of identifying emerging artists. This agent-based approach toward music research has enabled better discovery of talented artists and faster turnaround times for the producers of Fortivo Music.

Hybrid Solutions: Language Models + Classic AI

In this initiative, Qurrent provided a blend of more traditional machine learning solutions alongside the LLM-powered system of AI-agents, enabling a dynamic combination of fine-tuned decision algorithms and language-based reasoning capabilities. 

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